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Cancelled flight

Compensation for a flight cancellation is guaranteed by European Passenger Rights Regulation EC 261/04. Based on certain conditions, it entitles passengers to up to 600euros if the flight was cancelled at short notice. In case of flight cancellation, the airline must provide an alternate flight. Depending on when the passengers were informed of the cancellation and if the itinerary suffers significant changes, passengers may be entitled to a monetary compensation in accordance to the flight distance. This also applies if you were not allowed to travel due to overbooking.

The amount of your compensation depends on the distance:

up to 600 Euro
up to 1500km250 Euro
1500km - 3500km400 Euro
more than 3500km600 Euro

Since EC 261/04 is a European law, it only applies to EU airspace. However, you don't have to be an EU citizen to claim compensation. This regulation applies to all flights departing from any airport in the EU (or from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, or Switzerland) and all flights arriving at any airport in the EU, as long as the flight is operated by an EU airline.

There are some exceptions:

  • The cancellation was informed to the passenger at least 14 days prior to the flight.
  • The airline offered you a replacement flight which arrives compared to originally scheduled
  • There was an “extraordinary occurrence”

The regulation sets out a number of 'extraordinary circumstances' such as natural disasters, strikes, terrorist acts, and some other stipulated by each country’s legal system. In these cases, an airline may not be required to pay compensation. Airlines generally use this 'extraordinary circumstances' in order to avoid the payment of compensation, but that doesn't mean that is always justice. That's why our experts make sure to assess this themselves.

If you were affected by a cancelled flight, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Delayed Flights

According to European regulation CE 261/2004 passengers whose flights have been delayed more than 3 hours are entitled to the compensation up to 600euros.

The amount of your compensation depends on the distance:

up to 600 Euro
up to 1500km250 Euro
1500km - 3500km400 Euro
more than 3500km600 Euro

All flights within the EU are subject to this legislation. Flights operated by EU based companies are liable as long as they use an European airport, and companies from outside the European Union are liable only if their flight departs from an EU airport (or from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland)

Aside from financial compensation you are also entitled to receive additional services from the airline in case of a delay, cancellation or overbooking. This includes food, refreshments, two free phone calls, communication facilities (emails or fax messages), and in some cases overnight hotel accommodation.

You are entitled to receive support if your waiting time exceeds 2 hours for flights of up to 1500km. For a distance from 1,501 to 3,500km you will receive support after three hours, from a distance of 3,501km after four hours. If waiting time exceeds 5 hours it gives you the right to obtain a reimbursement of the full cost of the tickets.

If you incur expenses at the airport as a result of not receiving this care, you may be entitled to a refund for these costs.

If you were affected by a delayed flight, contact us!

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